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Update - Water sale in northern Victoria

The VEWH announced the sale of up to 10 gigalitres of allocation in northern Victoria on 15 March 2019. This sale of allocation has now been completed.

West Barwon Reservoir

New Upper Barwon Environmental Entitlement application in progress

The Minister for Water is currently considering the VEWH's application to establish a new Upper Barwon River Environmental Entitlement.

Rainbow fish

Small fish makes a big splash

They are a tiny little fish, but when they are found, they are big news. The magnificent-looking Murray Darling rainbow fish grows to about seven centimetres long and were once prevalent across the Murray Darling Basin. But not anymore.

water rats courtesy Zoos Victoria

The Loddon’s summer lovin’

After wet springs, irrigation demand can decrease over summer. When this happens, flows in the northern sections of the Loddon River, and its tributaries, can slow to a trickle.

Murray cod

Working together to benefit river communities

Another peak summer recreation period has ended with minimal environmental water leaving Lake Eppalock.

Lake Hawthorn

Lake Hawthorn teeming with bird life

An early morning or evening walk around Lake Hawthorn at the moment is a treat for nature-lovers. Thousands of birds are in temporary residence at the lake in response to seasonal conditions and the availability of water at the saline wetland at Cabarita west of Mildura.

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Fact sheets

Fact Sheet 01 - Cover

What is environmental water?

Fact Sheet 02 - Cover

Why is environmental watering important?

Fact Sheet 03 - Cover

What does environmental watering aim to achieve?

Fact Sheet 04 - Cover

What does environmental watering involve?

Fact Sheet 05 - Cover

How do we know if environmental watering is successful?

What is environmental water trading cover

What is environmental water trading?

Seasonal Watering Plan 2018-19

To ensure we are delivering water where and when it is most needed and achieving the best environmental outcomes for Victoria, we base our plans on local knowledge and rigorous science. Our annual seasonal watering plan is based on proposals developed by catchment management authorities and Melbourne Water, drawing from scientific river and wetland studies and community engagement.

Seasonal Watering Plan 2018-19


Section 1: Introduction

Gippsland Region

Section 2: Gippsland Region

Central Region

Section 3: Central Region

Western Region

Section 4: Western Region

Northern Region

Section 5: Northern Region

Further Information

Section 6: Further Information

Variation to Section 2.4 Macalister system

Variation to Section 5.2.3 Central Murray wetlands

Variation to Section 5.2.5 Lower Murray wetlands

Variation to Section 5.2.6 Lindsay, Mulcra and Wallpolla islands

Variation to Section 5.3 Ovens system

Variation to Section 5.5 Broken system

Previous Seasonal Watering Plans

This section contains the seasonal watering plans, associated variations and schedules from past water years.

Seasonal Watering Plan 2017-18

Seasonal Watering Plan 2016-17

Seasonal Watering Plan 2015-16

Seasonal Watering Plan 2014-15

Seasonal Watering Plan 2013-14

Seasonal Watering Plan 2012-13

Seasonal Watering Plan 2011-12

Snapshots of where water for the environment will be delivered in 2018-19 and why

Central plan on a page

Central Region

Gippsland plan on a page

Gippsland Region

Western plan on a page

Western Region

Northern Region

Top 10 highlights

Top 10 achievements graphic

What Victoria's environmental watering program has achieved