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New Upper Barwon Environmental Entitlement application in progress

The Minister for Water is currently considering the VEWH's application to establish a new Upper Barwon River Environmental Entitlement.

The application seeks to provide 1,000 ML per year for the Barwon River by allocating part of Barwon Water's water entitlement in the West Barwon Reservoir to the environment. 

If the new Upper Barwon River Environmental Entitlement is approved, the VEWH will hold the entitlement and the Corangamite CMA will be authorised to manage it on behalf of the VEWH.

The Corangamite CMA will prepare annual seasonal watering proposals in consultation with community groups. The watering program will be based on scientific studies to determine the best regime to maintain and improve the environmental values of the river reaches along the Barwon River.

If the CMA finalises a proposal during 2017–18, the VEWH will review it and update the Seasonal Watering Plan 2017–18 to incorporate the agreed priority watering actions. 

Ideally this water will be used to provide flows which will be delivered to protect and provide permanent habitat for vulnerable Dwarf Galaxiids and Pygmy Perch and other aquatic species, in line with the Corangamite Waterway Strategy priorities. It will also support the growth of shrubby floodplain vegetation. Planning is also underway to remove barriers to fish which reside in the lower Barwon River, such as the vulnerable Australian Grayling, to access the upper reaches affected by the new entitlement. 

Subject to the Minister's approval, the new environmental entitlement will come into effect when it is published in the Victoria Government Gazette.

This news item is reproduced courtesy of the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning.

West Barwon Reservoir

Outlet to Barwon River from West Barwon Reservoir

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