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Water for Reedy Swamp

The VEWH has approved a request from the Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority to re-allocate 300 ML of environmental water from Reedy Swamp to Kinnairds Wetland in the Goulburn and Broken wetlands.


The decision was made to improve wetland vegetation such as milfoil and maintain water levels to support the threatened magpie geese which are currently using the wetland.

The re-allocation doesn't impact on the overall watering plans for the Goulburn and Broken wetlands. Reedy Swamp isn't expected to be adversely impacted since it received inflows from recent rain.

The VEWH forecasts that there will be environmental water available to meet foreseeable aquatic plant and animal needs in northern Victoria in 2015-16 and to have enough water to carryover into 2016-17 in the case dry conditions persist.

Further Information

See the Seasonal Watering Statement  [PDF File - 180.3 KB] for more details.

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