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DELWP is currently drafting the Upper Barwon River Environmental Entitlement to fulfil priority action 4.17b in the Central Region Sustainable Waterway Strategy to transfer part of Barwon Water's water entitlement in the West Barwon Reservoir to the environment. The draft of the new entitlement is expected to be released soon for community and stakeholder input before the Minister for Water considers it for approval. 

 If the Upper Barwon River Environmental Entitlement is approved, the Corangamite CMA will implement a further planning and consultation process to determine priority watering actions and prepare a seasonal watering proposal. If the CMA finalises a proposal during 2017–18, the VEWH will review it and update the Seasonal Watering Plan 2017–18 to incorporate the agreed priority watering actions.

System map

Grey river reaches have been included for context. The coloured extent of the upper Barwon River (including the East and West branches) is provided as a preliminary indication of where water may be able to be delivered if the entitlement is granted.