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Annual water allocation trading strategy

Our water trading strategy 2016-17 outlines the types of trading we may undertake across Victoria.

Opportunities to purchase allocation may be considered in the Maribyrnong and Moorabool systems, depending on seasonal conditions and environmental need. If conditions remain wet, we may consider selling allocation in northern Victorian systems following the peak spring water delivery period.

Water allocation trade is one of the tools we use to effectively manage environmental water. Water trading allows us to move water to the systems where it is most needed, and to smooth out some of the variability in water availability across systems and across years.

This strategy covers commercial water allocation trade (selling and purchasing water allocation), and administrative water transfers ('internal' transfers of Victorian Environmental Water Holder allocation or transfers between water holders).

While conditions were dry across much of the state in the lead up to 2016-17, many regions have received rain over late autumn/early winter which has improved stream flows, providing the environment with welcome relief following a long dry period.

We intend to implement a range of administrative transfers to facilitate the delivery of environmental water across Victoria or for carryover purposes, including water held by other environmental water holders. Similarly, administrative transfers will be undertaken to transfer allocation available for use in the Snowy River.

Water allocation trading strategy 2016-17
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