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Recovered water goes to the Murray

Native fish will be the beneficiaries of environmental water released into the River Murray this autumn.

The water will be delivered to encourage golden and silver perch to migrate upstream in the River Murray and move into the Goulburn and Campaspe rivers. It will also help Murray cod and enable fish to move through the lower lakes of the Murray and into the Coorong.
Some of the water being delivered was recovered for the Murray as part of the Snowy water recovery process, designed to return water to two of Australia's iconic rivers – the Snowy River and the River Murray. This was one of the first major water for the environment recovery projects in Australia. Water recovery can be achieved through various water saving initiatives, such as investing in more efficient infrastructure.
The environmental watering is a joint action by the Victorian Environmental Water Holder, Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder, NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority, Murray–Darling Basin Authority and Goulburn-Murray Water.

To find out what the water delivery means locally see the Murray Darling Basin Authority media release and the Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority media release.

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Page last updated: 12/12/19