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 3.4 Maribyrnong system
Scenario planning
Table 3.4.2 outlines the potential environmental watering and expected water use under a range of planning scenarios.
Under drought or dry conditions, any water purchased for the environment would be used to maintain suitable habitat for plants and animals in Jacksons Creek (reaches 6 and 7). Summer/autumn low flows and freshes aim to maintain the health of native fish, waterbugs and platypus populations, by providing access to food and habitat resources in drier conditions.
Under average and wet conditions, natural flow is expected to meet some of the environmental flow objectives. Water for the environment may be used to improve and enhance environmental outcomes for aquatic plants and animals,
by filling gaps not met by natural flow (for example, by providing additional freshes) or by extending the duration of unregulated events.
If more water is made available in 2020–21, the priority will be to deliver additional freshes year-round and increase the duration and magnitude of low flows during winter and spring.
If Rosslynne Reservoir receives limited inflows in winter and spring 2020, there will be little if any opportunity to purchase water to support environmental flows in the Maribyrnong system during 2020–21. The VEWH is unable to carry over any water in the Maribyrnong system to support multi-year planning.
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