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 3.7 Barwon system
Table 3.7.3 Potential environmental watering actions and objectives for the lower Barwon wetlands1
 Potential environmental watering action
 Functional watering objectives
 Environmental objectives
 Reedy Lake
        Winter/spring fill (July to September)
The inlet to Reedy Lake
will be opened to allow high flows in the Barwon River to flow into the wetland
  • Maintain the water level to 0.8 m AHD (allowing for natural fluctuations)
• Maintain waterbird breeding events
• Wet the vegetation at the wetland margins to provide feeding habitat for waterbirds
• Maintain fish breeding and recruitment opportunities
• Allow fish to move between the river, lake and estuary
            Hospital Swamps
        Winter/spring fill (July to September)
Hospital Swamps will be connected to the Barwon River for at least six weeks by keeping the inlet and outlet open
• Maintain the water level at 0.5 m AHD (allowing for natural fluctuations)
• Create habitat to support waterbug and fish populations
• Improve fish and waterbird breeding
• Allow fish to access the wetland from the river
• Dilute salt in the soil and surface water over winter
• Promote and sustain the growth of important wetland vegetation communities
               1 The table only includes potential watering actions for July–September 2020. Potential watering actions for the rest of the year will be based on the independent review of the lower Barwon wetlands watering trial 2016–17 to 2019–20.
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