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 Table 4.3.1 Potential environmental watering actions and objectives for the Wimmera system (continued)
4.3 Wimmera system
   Potential environmental Functional watering objectives watering action
Environmental objectives
 Lower Mount William Creek
Year-round low flow (five • ML/day or natural)
Maintain edge habitats and shallow-water habitat for waterbugs and endemic fish
         • Maintain soil moisture for streamside vegetation and near-permanent wetted stream channel for aquatic vegetation and to prevent the growth of terrestrial plants in the stream bed
        Summer/autumn freshes •
Prevent a decline in water quality by flushing pools during low flow
    (three freshes of 20-30 ML/ day for two to seven days during December to May)
• Provide variable flows and increase habitat availability during the low-flow season for waterbugs and fish
         Winter/spring fresh (one • to five freshes of 100 ML/
Wet benches to entrain organic debris and increase habitat availability for native fish
     day for one to seven days during June to November)
Dock Lake
Winter/spring partial fill •
• Flush surface sediments from hard substrates to support waterbugs
• Wet the streamside zone to maintain its condition and facilitate the recruitment of streamside vegetation communities
          Maintain and improve the diversity and abundance of wetland vegetation
  • Support feeding and breeding habitat for waterbirds, frogs, waterbugs and turtles
            Ranch Billabong
   Top-ups (winter/spring and •
Maintain and improve wetland vegetation diversity and abundance • Improve water quality for frogs and waterbirds
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