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5.2 Victorian Murray system
5.2 Victorian Murray system
  Waterway managers – Goulburn Broken, Mallee and North Central catchment management authorities Storage managers – Goulburn-Murray Water, Lower Murray Water, Murray-Darling Basin Authority (River Murray
Operations), SA Water, WaterNSW.
Environmental water holders – Victorian Environmental Water Holder (including the Living Murray program), Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder
Did you know...?
Early results indicate huge numbers of native fish have been saved, thanks to Australia’s first irrigation diversion channel screens at Cohuna. No Murray cod larvae
were detected drifting into the irrigation channel during the peak larval drift period, which means potentially thousands of Murray cod could remain in the creek system where they can better survive and thrive! Before the screens were installed, up to 160 cod larvae were lost to the channel a day.
   Victorian Murray
Private Environment Water corporations
Proportion of water entitlements in the Murray basin held by private users, water corporations or environmental water holders at 30 June 2019.
   Top: Gunbower Creek, by North Central CMA
Above: Intermediate egret on Barmah Lake, by Keith Ward
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