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 1.2 The seasonal watering plan
Figure 1.2.1 Victorian environmental watering program planning framework
  Regional waterway strategy
f Identifies priority river reaches/wetlands and values in each region
f Developed every eight years in consultation with local communities
Guides priorities for
Environmental water management plan
f Outlines long-term environmental objectives, desired flow regimes and management arrangements
f Will be developed progressively for each system/site identified as a long-term priority for environmental watering
f Updated as required with new information
f Assumes current water recovery commitments/
Forms basis of
Seasonal watering proposal
f Describes regional priorities for environmental water use in the coming year under a range of planning scenarios
f Developed annually
Seasonal watering plan
f Describes statewide potential environmental watering in the coming year under a range of planning scenarios
f Developed annually
f Consolidates the seasonal watering proposals
accepted by the VEWH
f Can be varied at any time (with same consultative requirements as initial development)
Expert advice
f Environmental flow study: expert analysis of flow components required to support key environmental values and objectives
f Monitoring results: outcomes from monitoring programs such as the Victorian Environmental Flows Monitoring and Evaluation Program
f Traditional ecological knowledge, academic/ consultant expertise
Community engagement
f For example, Environmental Water Advisory Groups, Traditional Owners, local community groups, recreational users, irrigators, environment groups.
Seasonal watering statement
f Communicates decisions on watering activities to be undertaken as water becomes available during the season
f Authorises waterway managers to undertake watering
f Can be released at any time during the season f May be one or multiple statements for a
Water for the environment is delivered
Key - who is responsible for what Waterway managers
Expert advisors
       Decisions communicated through
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