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 5.2 Victorian Murray system
Table 5.2.1 Potential environmental watering actions and objectives for the Barmah Forest
    Potential environmental watering action
  Winter/spring low flow
to various waterways in Barmah Forest (variable flow rates and duration during July to December)
Spring/summer freshes in the Murray River channel (one to three freshes that increase flow by at least 500 ML/day and maintain it for eight days during October to December)
• Provide flow in forest waterways to maintain habitat for native fish and turtles
• Facilitate the movement of native fish between floodplain waterways and the river
• Remove accumulated organic matter from waterways to cycle carbon to the river system and minimise the risk of hypoxic blackwater
               • Trigger spawning of native fish species, primarily golden and silver perch
          Spring/summer/autumn freshes to Gulf and Boals creeks (100 ML/day for three to five days as required during November to April)
• Maintain critical drought-refuge areas in Barmah Forest to provide habitat for native fish and turtles
• Flush drought-refuge pools to maintain water quality
             Spring/summer/autumn low flow to floodplain waterways including Sandspit, Gulf, Big Woodcutter, Boals, Island and Punt Paddock Lagoon (200 ML/day for 30 to 60 days during November to April)
• Provide flows to replenish refuge areas and maintain water quality
• Provide flows to replenish permanent waterways, to maintain fish and turtle populations
• Maintain connectivity to the river
• Remove accumulated organic matter, cycle carbon to the river system and minimise the risk of hypoxic blackwater
            Fill or top up Boals Deadwood, Harbours Lake, Reedy Lagoon and Top Island wetlands (200–400 ML/day for four and a half months during September to February)
• Provide a cue to initiate and/or maintain waterbird breeding
• Maintain wetting duration and depth for growth of wetland vegetation
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Functional watering objectives
Environmental objectives

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