Page 215 - VEWH Seasonal Watering Plan 2020-21
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 Figure 5.2.3 The Central Murray wetlands system
Swan Hill
Round Lake
Icon site
Wetlands that can receive environmental water Towns
Benwell State Forest Guttrum State Forest
Loddon River
Barr Creek
Little River Murray
River Murray
Box Creek
Gunbower Creek
Bannagher Creek
Location within Victoria
Wirra-Lo Wetland Complex
Lake Cullen
Third Reedy Lake
Lake Elizabeth Kerang Lake Murphy
McDonalds Swamp
Johnson Swamp
Hird Swamp
Gunbower Forest
Kow Swamp
Victorian Environmental Water Holder | Seasonal Watering Plan 2020–21 | 213
5.2 Victorian Murray system
Richardsons Lagoon

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