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Table 5.2.7 Barapa Barapa and Wamba Wemba cultural values and uses at Guttrum Forest
5.2 Victorian Murray system
   Food, fibre and medicinal plants
 A winter fill followed by a spring top-up will ensure that the duration of wetting will be long enough to support aquatic vegetation during its optimal growth period. Allowing the wetland to dry before summer will also promote cultural plants on the mudflats in these areas.
 Cultural heritage
  Watering of Reed Bed Swamp supports fringing large old trees including a couple of ring trees and scar trees. The condition of these trees was seen to improve following the 2019 watering: for example, there was new growth.
 Spiritual wellbeing
   The improvement in condition of the wetland and the presence of water and moisture contributed to a sense of spiritual wellbeing.
   Sharing cultural knowledge
 The Traditional Owners provide support and advice about what ecological values to target: that is, they provide information about what the wetland used to look like and what values it previously supported.
Traditional Owners were also present during the set-up of infrastructure and were able to provide advice about avoiding impacts to their cultural heritage.
 Employment opportunities
   Traditional Owners want to become more involved in the management of their Country through increased employment opportunities (such as ecological and cultural monitoring). This occurred as part of the 2019 watering of Reed Bed Swamp.
   Cultural landscape
  Maintaining the open-water habitat and mudflats underneath that will disappear if the river red gum saplings that germinated in the 2016 floods are not removed. This is important for maintaining the cultural landscape and access to food and medicinal resources.
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