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 5.2 Victorian Murray system
Environmental watering objectives for Lindsay, Mulcra and Wallpolla islands
Social, recreational and economic values and uses
In planning the potential watering actions in Table 5.2.14, Mallee CMA has also considered how environmental flows could support other values and uses such as:
• water-based recreation (such as kayaking, fishing and swimming)
• riverside recreation and amenity (such as walking, camping, birdwatching and relaxing with friends and family)
• community events and tourism (such as school education programs, commercial tours and citizen science projects)
• socio-economic benefits (such as apiarists, local businesses such as accommodation and shops).
If the timing or management of planned environmental flows may be modified to align with a community benefit, this is acknowledged in Table 5.2.14 with an icon.
Native recreational fish species that are stocked into recently wetted wetlands can undergo rapid growth and achieve high survival rates. In March 2019, the Victorian Fisheries Authority conducted a trial in partnership with First People of the Millewa-Mallee Aboriginal Corporation and Mallee CMA that released 120,000 juvenile golden perch and silver perch to Wallpolla Horseshoe Lagoon.
In order to protect the juvenile perch, water will be delivered to the lagoon as a series of top-ups as required in spring and autumn, as part of the regular environmental water deliveries to support the naturally occurring environmental values of the site (such as fish and aquatic vegetation).
The stocked native fish are expected to benefit from environmental watering at Wallpolla Horseshoe Lagoon without compromising the primary watering objectives for the site. Once the fish have grown to a suitable size, they will be released into the Murray River to contribute to the regional populations and provide opportunities for anglers.
 Restore nutrient and carbon cycling between floodplains, floodplain wetlands and waterways to increase ecosystem productivity
     Increase the abundance, diversity and distribution of native fish
      Support frog populations
    Support waterbug populations
    Support turtle populations
  Watering planned to support angling activities
   Increase the abundance and diversity of wetland vegetation
   Increase the waterbird population by providing feeding and breeding habitat in floodplain wetlands
  Traditional Owner cultural values and uses
Mallee CMA has met on Country with Traditional Owners of Lindsay, Mulcra and Wallpolla islands and the First People of the Millewa-Mallee Aboriginal Corporation (representing Latji Latji, Ngintait, Nyeri Nyeri and Wergaia Traditional Owners) to discuss watering requirements for their Country. After much discussion, Elders’ key focus was to support Country to recover from the ravages of drought. Their recommendations for watering actions have shaped the environmental water planning for 2020–21.
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