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Figure 1.3.1 Criteria for prioritising environmental watering actions
1.3 Implementing the seasonal watering plan
  Prioritisation criteria
Extent and significance of environmental benefit
Likelihood of success
Longer-term benefits
Urgency of watering needs
Feasibility of the action
Environmental or third party risks
Cost effectiveness of the watering action
Efficiency of water use
Cultural, economic, social and Traditional Owner benefits
Types of factors considered
f Size of the area being watered
f Expected ecological outcomes
f Expected scale of response
f Conservation status of the species or community that will benefit f Expected contribution to regional environmental objectives
f Evidence that the desired outcomes are likely to be achieved f External threats that may affect getting the desired results
f Value added to previous watering undertaken at the site f Longer-term environmental benefits expected
f Ability to sustain these values into the future
f History of watering at the site
f Potential for irreversible damage if the watering does not occur f Risks associated with not delivering the water
f Capacity of infrastructure to meet the delivery requirements
f System or operational constraints
f Flexibility in the timing of delivery
f Likelihood that planned management actions will mitigate external threats
f Adverse environmental outcomes that may arise
f Third-party risks associated with the event
f Effectiveness of mitigation to manage third-party and environmental risks
f Likely environmental benefit compared against:
• costs to deliver and manage water
• costs of interventions to manage external threats and risks
f Volume of water needed to achieve the desired outcomes
f Volume and timing of return flows that may be used at downstream sites
(see section 1.4.2)
f Alternative supply options such as use of consumptive water en route or
augmenting natural flows
f Risks of spills from storages in the upcoming water year and any carryover
water (see section 1.4.2) that may be available
After consideration of above criteria
f Traditional Owner values and aspirations
f Recreation, community events and activities f Economic benefits
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