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 5.5 Broken system
5.5 Broken system
  Waterway manager – Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority
Storage manager – Goulburn-Murray Water
Environmental water holders – Victorian Environmental Water Holder, Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder
  Did you know...?
Native fish populations continue to increase in
the Broken River. Autumn 2019 fish surveys by
the Victorian Environmental Flows Monitoring and Assessment Program showed that Murray cod, Murray- Darling rainbowfish and golden perch numbers are all up from last year! A variety of sizes of Murray cod were recorded, suggesting strong recruitment, survival and growth. That’s great news for anglers!
Private 87% Environment 2% Water corporations 11%
Proportion of water entitlements in the Broken basin held by private users, water corporations or environmental water holders at 30 June 2019.
Top: Broken River, by Goulburn Broken CMA
Above: Magpie geese at Black Swamp, by Goulburn Broken CMA
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