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Scenario planning
Table 5.5.6 outlines the potential environmental watering and expected water use under a range of planning scenarios.
Moodie Swamp has been identified as a high priority
in all planning scenarios, as it remained dry throughout 2018–19 and 2019–20. If natural inflows occur over winter- spring 2020, a top-up in spring 2020 may be delivered
to encourage and maintain any waterbird breeding. If the swamp remains dry, a fill in autumn 2021 is planned to promote the germination and growth of rigid water milfoil, as well as the growth of cane grass that brolga rely on for nesting. Both Black Swamp and Kinnairds Wetland received water in autumn 2020 and will enter a drying phase in 2020–21.
Low water availability in the Broken system under dry
or drought conditions in 2020–21 may mean delivery to Moodie Swamp does not occur. Under average to wetter scenarios, water is likely to be available for delivery, and some natural inflow is likely under a wet scenario.
It is considered a priority to carry over water to allow 2021–22 top-ups to tier 1 wetlands planned to be watered in 2020–21.
Table 5.5.6 Potential environmental watering for the Broken wetlands under a range of planning scenarios
5.5 Broken system
 Planning scenario
  Expected river conditions
 • Catchment runoff and natural flow into the wetlands are highly unlikely
  • Catchment runoff and natural flow into the wetlands is unlikely
  • Some catchment runoff and natural flow into some of the wetlands is likely, particularly in winter/ spring
  • Catchment runoff and natural flow
into the wetlands may significantly contribute to
water levels in the wetlands, particularly during winter/spring
  Potential environmental watering – tier 1 (high priorities)
  • Moodie Swamp
    Possible volume
of environmental water required to achieve objectives1
 • 1,000 ML (tier 1)
 Priority carryover requirements
   • Up to 350 ML
  1 Moodie Swamp is supplied from the Broken system. There is insufficient supply available to meet potential environmental watering requirements for Moodie Swamp under all scenarios.
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