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 5.7 Loddon system
5.7 Loddon system
  Waterway manager – North Central Catchment Management Authority
Storage manager – Goulburn-Murray Water
Environmental water holders – Victorian Environmental Water Holder, Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder
  Did you know...?
Lake Boort is a highly significant area for Dja Dja Wurrung. The floodplain not only contains some of
the highest densities of scarred trees in the world but numerous cooking mounds and other remainders of past productivity. The connection continues through to this day and is embedded in the plants, animals, Gatjin (water), Wi (fire) and Djandak (land).
Private 78% Environment 13% Water corporations 9%
Proportion of water entitlements in the Loddon basin held by private users, water corporations or environmental water holders at 30 June 2019.
Top: 12 Mile Creek in the lower Loddon catchment, by Kathryn Roosje, VEWH
Above: Loddon system vegetation, by North Central CMA
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