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 5.7 Loddon system
Table 5.7.2 Potential environmental watering for the Loddon River system under a range of planning scenarios
 Pyramid Creek and Loddon River (reach 5)
    Potential environmental watering – tier 1a (high priorities)
  • One spring high flow (coordinated with Loddon River high flow)
• Autumn/winter low flow
  Potential environmental watering – tier 1b (high priorities with shortfall)
    • N/A
  • Autumn high flow
  Possible volume of environmental water required to achieve objectives3
   Loddon River (reach 4) and Serpentine Creek
  • 11,300 ML (tier 1a)
• 4,300 ML (tier 1b)
• 4,100–6,800 ML (tier 2)
   • 12,000–15,700 ML (tier 1a)
• 6,800–13,600 ML (tier 1b)
   • 24,500 ML (tier 1a)4
• 4,100–6,800 ML (tier 1b)
     Pyramid Creek and Loddon River (reach 5)
 • 4,000 ML (tier 1a)5
   • 4,000 ML (tier 1a)5
• 2,000 ML (tier 1b)5
  Priority carryover requirements
  • 6,500 ML
  1 Water holdings available for demands in the Loddon River system are also used to source demands in the Boort wetlands.
2 Under a dry scenario, winter low flow is planned to otherwise be delivered at the passing flow rate (77 ML per day) for tier 1a.
3 Environmental water requirements for tier 2 actions are additional to tier 1 requirements.
4 This tier 1a volume is the supply required to meet all potential watering actions with water for the environment. While it is higher than the expected availability of environmental water holdings, it is likely that some actions may be achieved with natural flows in the system reducing the actual volume required.
5 Consumptive water en route to downstream sites is diverted through Pyramid Creek to meet these events, with the associated losses debited to the VEWH. A volume of 2,000 ML per event is required to underwrite these losses, however the actual use debited is likely to be less than this volume.
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