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  1 Introduction
 1.1 The Victorian environmental watering program 7
1.1.1 Why do we need an environmental watering program? 7
1.1.2 What do we mean by ‘water for the environment’? 8
1.1.3 What do we aim to achieve with water for the environment? 8
1.1.4 What is the Victorian environmental watering program, and who is involved? 9
1.1.5 What is the role of the Victorian Environmental Water Holder? 10
1.1.6 How does the Victorian environmental watering program fit within broader integrated
catchment and waterway management? 11
1.1.7 How does the environmental watering program consider climate change? 12
1.1.8 How do we know the environmental watering program is successful? 15
1.1.9 Where can I find more information about the Victorian environmental watering program? 16
1.2 The seasonal watering plan 17
1.2.1 What does ‘seasonal’ mean? 17
1.2.2 How does the seasonal watering plan fit into the environmental flows planning process? 17
1.2.3 Who contributes to the seasonal watering plan? 19
1.2.4 Can the seasonal watering plan be changed? 19
1.2.5 When isn’t a formal variation required to the seasonal watering plan? 19
1.3 Implementing the seasonal watering plan 20
1.3.1 How are watering decisions made throughout the year? 20
1.3.2 When does the Victorian Environmental Water Holder commit and authorise the use of water
for the environment? 21
1.3.3 How does the Victorian Environmental Water Holder prioritise different watering actions when
there is not enough water for the environment available? 21
1.3.4 Do seasonal conditions affect how water for the environment is used? 24
1.3.5 How are shared cultural, economic, recreational, social and Traditional Owner benefits
considered in environmental watering decisions? 26
1.3.6 How are risks managed? 26
1.3.7 How are environmental watering emergencies managed? 27
1.4 Managing available water for the environment 28
1.4.1 How much water is available to use as part of the Victorian environmental watering program? 28
1.4.2 What options are available to effectively and efficiently manage water for the environment? 31
1.5 How to read the seasonal watering plan 33
                            6 | Victorian Environmental Water Holder | Seasonal Watering Plan 2020–21

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