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Ten of our proudest achievements

Prevented the extinction of the Murray hardyhead, a threatened species, in Victoria. Emergency watering in 2007 at the peak of the Millennium drought helped protect the few remaining Murray hardyhead populations in Victoria. We are moving closer to self-sustaining populations.

Helped fight the decline of waterbird populations in south-east Australia by providing a mosaic of wetland habitats in an otherwise drought affected landscape.

Successfully nurtured one of Victoria's most threatened fish species, the Australian grayling. Environmental watering now ensures that adequate flows provide adult Australian grayling with the time and distance needed to migrate and reach spawning areas.

Safeguarded six internationally important wetlands at Hattah-Kulkyn, Gunbower Forest, Kerang, Bellarine Peninsula, Barmah Forest and Gippsland Lakes. Australia committed to protect these sites under the Ramsar convention, a global inter-governmental treaty which drives international cooperation for the conservation and wise use of important wetlands.

Helped re-establish platypus populations following a drastic decline in numbers during the Millennium drought. Water for the environment helped secure new populations of platypus in rivers statewide including in the Wimmera, Tarago and Campaspe rivers.

Averted the local extinction of Moira grass at Barmah Forest, an internationally important Ramsar wetland and iconic Murray site. Before watering for the environment, only four percent of the area of Moira grass that existed 80 years ago remains.

Improved flows in six Victorian heritage rivers, which are protected for their significant recreation, nature, conservation, scenic or cultural heritage attributes. Environmental water is regularly delivered to the Glenelg, Wimmera, Goulburn, Snowy, Thomson and Yarra heritage rivers.

Complemented river and wetland restoration works (such as revegetation, fencing and removal of fish barriers). Fish travelled more than 300 km in the Glenelg River, thanks to improved river flows and removal of fish barriers.

Helped rivers and wetlands recover from devastating bushfires including the Goulburn-Broken wetlands.

Provided emergency watering for hundreds of drought refuge pools in northern and western rivers, enabling fish and other aquatic animals to survive through the hottest, driest parts of summer. This also provided watering holes for birds and animals trying to survive extremely dry conditions.

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Top 10 Achievements

What Victoria's water for the environment program has achieved (to September 2017)

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