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Water for the environment is working - Celebrating 10 years of achievements.

In 2021, the Victorian Environmental Water Holder celebrated reaching a significant milestone — our tenth birthday.

As an organisation we reflected on the previous ten years of progress across the Victorian environmental watering program, and to mark the occasion, we’re pleased to present 'Water for the environment is working'.

This publication celebrates the promising achievements across the program, and acknowledges the efforts and achievements of all partners, including Traditional Owners and local communities, who work tirelessly to maintain and improve our waterways.

Momentum is growing every year, and just in the last 10 years we have come a long way.

We are seeing some threatened fish, bird and platypus populations showing signs of recovery, the return of plant and animal species not seen in waterways for many decades, significant bird colony breeding events, and the restoration of important in-stream and streamside vegetation.

As a result of the growing collaboration between partners, cultural, recreational, social and economic benefits are also flowing to communities across Victoria.

We can all be encouraged by this obvious progress, as our leaders recently reflected on, as we look to the opportunities and challenges in the next 10 years.

Water for the environment helps to provide a clear picture of the outcomes of the program, as it aims to build community understanding.

If you would like copies of this flyer for engaging your community, please contact, or call (03) 8622 7612

Water for the environment is working

Water for the environment is working

Page last updated: 02/06/22