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"A tremendous working relationship"

West Gippsland CMA manages water for the environment for the lower Latrobe wetlands, Sale Common, Heart Morass and Dowd Morass. The three wetlands are an important component of the internationally recognised Gippsland Lakes Ramsar site and provide habitat for a variety of waterbirds of state, national and international conservation significance.

They are also sites close to the heart of Sale Field & Game members, who have done extensive conservation work on the 3,000 acres of Heart Morass they manage on behalf of their members and the duck hunting community.

To assist in the decision-making process for environmental water delivery, in August 2018, Sale Field & Game were engaged to undertake monthly water quality monitoring at several sites at Heart Morass.

Sale Field & Game representative Gary Howard said, “The water quality monitoring undertaken by Sale Field & Game further entrenches our fantastic partnership with the CMA for the betterment of the wetlands.”

“Sale Field & Game have had a tremendous working relationship with West Gippsland CMA since the restoration project at Heart Morass began and we are keen to see this continue,” he said.

Results from this monitoring informs the timing of environmental water delivery.

Four representatives from Sale Field and Game measuring water quality at Heart Morass

Sale Field and Game measuring water quality at Heart Morass, by West Gippsland CMA

Page last updated: 12/12/19