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Rueben Berg

Rueben Berg by VEWH

Congratulations to VEWH Commissioner and Gunditjmara man Rueben Berg who was elected to the First Peoples’ Assembly of Victoria.

In the first meeting, held at Parliament House, members of the Assembly spoke about how they will help empower Aboriginal people.

Rueben spoke to his current experience as VEWH Commissioner, his work as a Heritage Council of Victoria member and his role at Westernport Water highlighting his breadth of experience across government and his work engaging with communities and facilitating negotiations between Traditional Owners.

“I believe I’ve the skills to make sure the strategic vision of what we are trying to achieve is kept front of mind and of understanding how the small details fit into the bigger picture.

Of not just being caught up in the day to day but really trying to focus on the key, important matters and being able to provide solutions, ensuring everyone has a voice as part of this process,” he said.

Rueben was also elected to the executive board for a four-year term along with eight other members of the assembly.  The board will oversee the day to day business and implement the decisions of the members.

“I think it is really important that we do have different voices as part of the board because this will bring us strength and I feel honoured to be able to contribute my voice on behalf of our community,” he said.

Rueben joins 30 other representatives from across the state who form the First Peoples’ Assembly and is a representative for the metropolitan region. The members represent communities across five different regions that cover Victoria.

The Assembly has already started work on a framework for Treaty negotiations and is working to establish an Elders Voice to ensure that Victoria’s Elders are heard.

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Page last updated: 23/01/20