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Rosslynne Reservoir is in the upper reaches of Jacksons Creek near Gisborne, and it is the only major storage in the Maribyrnong catchment. The reservoir has a release capacity of 20 ML per day, which significantly constrains the environmental outcomes that can be achieved in the Maribyrnong system. Water for the environment is primarily used to support environmental outcomes in Jacksons Creek between Rosslynne Reservoir and the confluence with Deep Creek (that is, environmental flow reaches 6 and 7 shown in the system map below). These two reaches are described as upper and lower Jacksons Creek respectively.

The VEWH does not hold an environmental entitlement in the Maribyrnong system, and it relies on opportunistic, temporary trade to meet demands. Melbourne Water and the VEWH work with local diversion licence holders to purchase unused water when it is available to support environmental outcomes. This arrangement is negotiated each year, and it only occurs with the agreement of all parties involved.

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